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Pointe du Chene / Pointe-du-Chêne
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Pointe du Chene is a small english village located in South East New Brunswick.  Pointe du Chene, also called The Point is the home of Parlee Beach, a nice marina, the greatest wharf with a new lighthouse and the legendary Captain Dan's restaurant.    

Pointe-du-Chêne est un petit village anglophone située dans le Sud-Est du Nouveau-Brunswick.  A Pointe-du-Chêne, aussi appelé La Pointe, on retrouve la plage Plage Parlee, une belle marina, un splendide quai avec un phare tout neuf et le légendaire restaurant-bar Captain Dan's.

Natalie Gould send us this nice message that tells it all! 

Good to see that nelson and his buddies are included in this site. I miss home like crazy. Montreal is cool, but boy oh boy, you can`t ever beat the wharf, on a nice night around 6 or 7 ish when nelson and them are on the wharf, you see so many you people you know. The sun dancing on top of the water. It`s truly magical. Magical Magical magical. A little piece of heaven right here on earth. I am so happy that the wharf is coming together. I am very proud of all the people that have put in the effort for everyone to enjoy it. I believe that was one of my dads intentions, way back when. It`s a magical little place pointe du chene and that wharf. I was blessed as a kid to be able to experience pointe du chene. I remember getting up on saturday morning as a kid, Mom would get us all ready for our little adventure. She`d put Max in that funny looking yellow baby seat on her gold bike and i`d get on mine and then off we`d go. We`d stop at that little green bakery, it smelled so good. It had this old fashioned register, you know the ones you have to pull down. They had the best cookies,but you had to go early, they were a sell out!! Then we`d go to the little beach beside the wharf and do some treasure hunting. Climb those rocks and pick up some sea glass, purple was my favorite. We`d look at the boats. Go see the what the people had caught. Talk to neighbours that were out for a walk. Eventually we`d make our way back home. Later Dad decided to buy a fishing boat. What a riot that has. Good times with great people in an amazing place. I even remember when i got my own boat a little laser, i loved docking it up to the wharf, go up the ladder get an popsicle and go sailing again. I even miss the smell, go figure. I can`t tell you enough how happy I am that the wharf is being taken care of. Thank you everyone!! It`s been a long time people have been keeping this wharf alive, and i am sure sometimes an uphill battle. Thanks to each and everyone of you that has put in hard work and has had good intentions. Good for you.!!! If you turn on the tv or open a newspaper all you seem to read about is tragedies around the world, to whom ever has the opportunity, to visit or live or experience pointe du chene , it`s wharf, it`s people, it`s magic... you are truly blessed. I can`t wait to come down. natalie gould ... take care

The local residents make it clear that Pointe du Chene is not Shediac. Pointe du Chene has its own culture.   Les gens de la place n'aiment pas qu'on appelle Pointe du Chêne Shediac. 

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