shediac pte du chene lobster

Above: Sandy Beach seen from the Aboiteau Wharf Entrance

And why not spend the early evening with the locals down at Pointe du Chene Wharf.  The wharf is always busy with swimmers, sailboats and people.  Don't to miss the evening sailboat race startup maneuvers.  While you are there you probably should drop into the legendary Captain Dan's Bar/Restaurant for a few cold ones on the deck overlooking the marina.  If you like to party on tuesday nights check out Norm the Jammer's party at Captain Dan's.  As you probably guessed people in Pointe du Chene party seven days a week so come on down the wharf any night of the week.  Sunday night is reserved for Karaoke addicts showing withdrawal symptoms.
If you like outdoors music, the Town of Shediac sponsors several early evening concerts in the town park near the whales fountain. Cap Pelé is also known for its musical activities at Park Aboiteau and at Park Tidiche.  But the ultimate is going to see Dominique Dupuis, 1755, Leahy,George Belliveau and others at the Pays de la Sagouine in nearby Bouctouche.
If you like plays there are plenty of opportunities with the Pays de la Sagouine shows and the Escaouette theater in Shediac. There also are several art events and art galleries in Shediac and surrounding areas.
And why not take a drive along the water from Shediac to Bouctouche. Stick along the water and stop for a drink at Dakari's at the Cocagne Cape Marina.  Once you get to Bouctouche there are so many things do that we need an entire website to describe it.  The Bouctouche Dune is very spectacular.

Above: Ile aux Puces, Pays de la Sagouine

If you are hungry, Cap Pelé offers great fried clams. Still can't decide which of Chez Camille, Fred's Restaurant, Aboiteau Wharf or Belaire takeout has the best fried clams. We still haven't determined which one has the largest servings. Shediac has excellent restaurants: Chez Brute, Lobster Deck, Old Fisherman's Paradise, Four Seas,Bayou, CC's Lounge and a few other. Pointe du Chene's Captain Dan's has a great view from the upper decks.