Pointe du Chene Pointe du Chene Pointe du Chene
Pointe du Chene
Pointe du Chene is a small english village located in South East New Brunswick. Pointe du Chene, also called The Point is the home of Parlee Beach, a nice marina, the greatest wharf with a new lighthouse and the legendary Captain Dan's restaurant. Point du Chene is mostly made up of cottages , the beach and the wharf. In summertime there are plenty of cottages for rent in Pointe du Chene and tourist from all over the world spend the summer here. This place is highly residential and you won't even find a grocery store or tourist traps here. There is a great bakery near one of the two churches. Two folk artist also expose there art to to public. There still a small fish processing plant on the wharf but, other than that ,there are no other signs of industrial or commercial activities which makes this a great tourist town. This said the fisherman still place their lobster traps on the wharf in august.